Product details – Animalia

  • General conditions

    Age limits
    From 3 months, with no upper age limit

    Qualifying period
    Illness: 30 days
    Hereditary and congenital diseases (Animalia Comfort): 90 days
    Accident: None   

    Age bands
    The premium is adjusted to the next age band on January 1 of the year in which the animal (dog or cat) reaches the age of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, or 13 years.

  • Benefits covered

    After deduction of the chosen deductible, Animalia will reimburse 90% of expenses – based on the benefits available – of the amounts shown below.

    Animalia Classic offers protection in the event of illness (including chronic conditions) or accidents.
    • Examinations and care provided by a vet as well as medicines and additional measures prescribed or administered at the practice, without limits
    • Complementary care such as homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, psychotherapy, phytotherapy, bioresonance, behavioral therapy, chiropractic, or Chinese medicine, up to CHF 600 per year
    • Emergency transportation by ambulance, up to CHF 100 per year
    • Accommodation if the animal needs to spend a night at the veterinary practice as well as the owner's accommodation expenses in the event of the animal being hospitalized, up to CHF 200 per year
    • Placement of the animal in the event of the owner being hospitalized or if they need to be absent for more than 24 hours in the case of some unforeseen event, up to CHF 150 per year
    • Special benefits such as the costs of dental scaling, castration/sterilization, or cremation, costs of placing an advertisement in the event of the loss or theft of the animal, costs of telephone calls abroad to obtain assistance in an emergency, up to CHF 200 per year
    • Vaccinations, up to CHF 50 per year, not subject to the deductible or percentage share normally payable

    Animalia Comfort covers, in addition to the benefits under Animalia Classic, both hereditary and congenital diseases up to an unlimited amount.
    For more detailed information, please refer to Animalia’s general conditions of insurance.
  • Benefits excluded

    • Medical conditions or consequences of accidents occurring before the contract became effective or during the qualifying period
    • Plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures for esthetic purposes and their consequences
    • Implantation of a microchip
    • Dental care except as result of an accident or for scaling purposes
    • Any detriment to the animal’s health inflicted on purpose by the owner or persons under the owner’s responsibility
    • Dietary treatments, food taken for dietary reasons, or dietary supplements
    • Veterinary reports and certificates
    • Treatment and care in connection with pregnancy and birth as well as the consequences thereof
    • Hereditary and congenital diseases (Animalia Classic)


    For more detailed information, please refer to Animalia’s general conditions of insurance.
  • Deductible, bonus system and sum insured

    Deductible options
    The chosen deductible will apply once per calendar year. The following levels are available:
    CHF 250
    CHF 500
    CHF 1,000

    Sum insured
    After deduction of the chosen deductible, Animalia will cover 90% of expenses up to an unlimited amount.

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Information about the insurance company

Insurance carrier
Animalia - Vaudoise Allgemeine-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
Head office
Place de Milan, 1001 Lausanne

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