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A subscription for music

Between 30 and 40 million music tracks with you at all times thanks to streaming services. Source: iStock

With streaming services, anyone can put together their personal music programme and play it wherever they want. But how do Spotify and co. differ from one another? has compiled a summary of the prices and services of the most popular providers.

Music streaming is like listening to the radio. The difference, however, is that you can listen to whatever you want to. The songs are downloaded from the cloud and paid for via a subscription. As a result, you can choose between 30 and 40 million music tracks, which saves a lot of storage space. You can listen to music wherever and whenever you want, because streaming services can be used on many different platforms. Just download the streaming app, and you have full access to your favourite music on every device. 

There are numerous providers competing for customers on the Swiss market. The most popular is the Swedish streaming pioneer Spotify. Having entered the market just two-and-a-half years ago with its own streaming service Apple Music, Apple is already in second place globally behind Spotify. Another major provider is Google Play Music.

Family subscriptions offer the best value

There is very little difference in terms of price between the three streaming services. At 11.95 francs a month, however, Google Play Music undercuts its competitors by around a franc. The family subscription is particularly interesting. For all three services, it costs just 50 per cent or so more than an individual account. For that price, the music service can be accessed by up to six family members.

Free subscription only with Spotify

Spotify is the only provider to offer free access alongside the regular subscription. In return, however, users’ musical enjoyment is periodically interrupted by adverts and the music selection can only be played in shuffle mode. A further disadvantage is that third-party devices such as speakers and TVs cannot be used. Although Google Play Music does not offer free access, it does allow users to upload up to 50,000 of their own songs free of charge and then stream them wherever they want. So if you have some rare tracks in your CD collection, for example, you can back them up for free in the cloud.