First prepaid flat rate for international calls

Calling family and friends abroad without worrying about the time or costs – with "Yallo Flat" for pay-as-you-go phones. Source: Thinkstock

Unlimited phone calls at a monthly flat rate. The new bundles "Yallo Flat" and "Yallo Flex" from the provider of pay-as-you-go plans Yallo allow customers to make cheap phone calls abroad. explains whether these offerings pay off and for whom.

Good news for foreigners in Switzerland as well as Swiss citizens who have friends and family abroad: from now on, customers of the prepaid provider Yallo can buy the flat-rate plan "Yallo Flat" for phone calls within Switzerland as well as from Switzerland to another European country. The monthly cost is 49 francs flat and also includes a data bundle of 1 GB for internet access.

But watch out: "Yallo Flat" is not a roaming plan and therefore not valid when you are abroad.

Almost every EU country

The plan is automatically renewed after 30 days if there is enough calling credit on your prepaid card. Customers can cancel "Yallo Flat" at any time.

For 49 francs per month, consumers in Switzerland can make calls to almost every EU country, such as Germany, Italy and France, as well as some other European countries such as Norway or Liechtenstein. The deal includes both calls to landlines and to mobile phones.

However, the flat rate is not valid for calls to the EU country of Slovenia and to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Little sister of the flat rate

A flat rate is primarily designed for people who often talk on the phone. According to the calculations of, "Yallo Flat" starts paying off from 3 hours per month. This is just an approximate value; the results vary depending on the pattern of use. For example those who make frequent calls to mobile phones abroad already benefit from 2 hours per month onward.

In addition, Yallo also launches a smaller plan called "Yallo Flex": for 19 francs, customers get 200 minutes for calls to Switzerland and the European countries plus a rather symbolic 100 MB for surfing the web in Switzerland. At least they can purchase additional data bundles when the 100 MB run out.

This is a new trend: more and more often, providers offer supplementary bundles to go with their pay-as-you-go offerings. Data bundles for prepaid offerings are very common for surfing in Switzerland. Otherwise, the "Smart" bundles from Aldi are worth mentioning since they are the cheapest option for most customers.