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Swisscom launches Wingo Mobile

Wingo Mobile from Swisscom

With its budget brand Wingo, Swisscom is now making inroads in the mobile phone market. Wingo Mobile is set to shake up the competition as well as give some Swisscom customers food for thought.

“No-frills mobile: phone and surf with no speed or time limits and no minimum term – all on the best network in Switzerland”. This is what Swisscom subsidiary Wingo promises to deliver with its new product Wingo Mobile (site in German, French and Italian only).

For 55 francs per month, you get a plan with no data limit, a flat rate for calls within Switzerland to landlines and mobiles plus maximum Internet speed for smartphone surfing.

What’s more, Wingo Mobile uses the Swisscom network, whose reception is usually superior to that of its competitors. Unlike Swisscom's own Infinity 2 plans, Wingo has no data caps, nor does it specify a minimum contract term.

Below we answer the five key questions on Wingo Mobile:

Where can I sign up for Wingo Mobile?

You can only sign up for Wingo Mobile online at (website in German, French and Italian only).

What do I get with Wingo Mobile, and how much is the subscription?

You get a mobile phone subscription that includes free calls, SMS and MMS in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You also benefit from 4G Internet with no volume or speed restrictions.

Wingo Mobile costs 55 francs per month.

Why is it so cheap?

With Wingo Mobile, you get no free customer support, no subsidised handsets and no physical retail presence. The helpline costs 1.50 francs per minute. This means lower costs for the Swisscom operator, which translates into a cheaper plan for customers.

What is not included in the plan?

Unlike the more expensive plans from Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise, Wingo offers no allowance for minutes or data roaming abroad. The plan is basically designed for use within Switzerland.

How will the competition respond?

Sunrise and Salt will have to lower their prices. Some of the Wingo offering is significantly cheaper than that of its competitors. With its Wingo Mobile product, Swisscom has triggered a new price war. 

To sum up:

The new mobile product offering will cause a stir on the market. While Sunrise and Salt will have to lower their prices, Swisscom may end up losing customers of its pricey Infinity plans to its own budget Wingo brand.