Legal protection

Tips on legal protection insurance

Comparis tips on private legal protection insurance:

  • Before taking out private legal protection insurance, assess your risk of getting into a larger legal conflict – for example with your employer, landlord or due to purchase, rent or other contracts or assignments.
  • Keep in mind that legal proceedings concerning labour involving an amount in dispute of up to CHF 30,000, arbitration for rental disputes and court proceedings for social insurance are free of charge. There is also the possibility of coverage for free legal counsel if deemed necessary and it is not financially possible.
  • Check if all contractual disputes you need are covered by private legal protection (e.g. neighbourly rights, property law and renting for house owners).

Comparis tip on traffic legal protection insurance:

  • Taking out traffic legal protection insurance is recommended for all persons, not only for motorists but also for pedestrians. Especially legal disputes involving back injuries, whiplash or pension amount or level of inability to work can very quickly result in costly lawsuits. The annual premium is relatively low compared to fees for a lawyer.

General Comparis tips on legal protection insurances

  • Check if you already have legal protection (included in other insurances or health insurances or as a member of trade unions, tenants‘ association, etc.)
  • The premium differences can be 100% and more. It is therefore worthwhile to obtain several offers.
  • You should favour a legal protection insurance where you can choose the lawyer yourself in an event of damage. The lawyers employed by insurance companies have a tendency to hastily consent to an agreement or to declare lawsuits futile. Lawyers who are active on the open market are not subject to pressure concerning costs for proceedings.
  • Choose a legal protection insurance with an annual possibility to termination. Thereby, you can benefit from new and cheaper offers and adjust your policy to the currently needed protection.
  • For families: check if all your family members are covered by legal protection insurance. Especially children over the age of 18 are not automatically covered with the family policy by all insurance companies.