Legal protection

Legal protection after accident

Legal protection insurance helps an accident victim to claim compensation for damage and compensation for personal suffering. Victim aid also helps in such a case.

Motor legal protection

  • In the case of road accidents: if one believes not to be culpable for the accident or if the culpable traffic participant does not make the financial recompense.
  • Legal dispute with the own insurance company. Hull insurance: the insurance company does not want to pay for the claim that was caused for you by the accident.
  • Violations against road traffic laws: your driver’s licence was withdrawn after an accident even though the fault was not yet determined.

Private legal protection

  • Legal protection for patients: do you believe that you were not treated correctly as a patient or that you were not informed sufficiently about the risks?
  • Private or social insurances: what to do if the health insurance company refuses to pay you a lawful recompense?