Legal protection


For the following legal cases or events and with all legal protection insurances, no insurance protection applies:

Legal cases ...

  • from the sections family and succession law are generally excluded, however, some insurance companies cover costs of a maximum of CHF 300 or CHF 500 for a one-time consultation.
  • in order to ward off compensation claims (here, the private liability insurance helps)
  • concerning self-employment
  • concerning purchase and sale of securities
  • concerning purchase, sale or pledge of property as well as construction, reconstruction or demolition (if an official permit is necessary therefore)
  • concerning tax and concession law
  • concerning alien / immigration law
  • concerning church law
  • concerning corporate, associations and foundations law
  • concerning gambling and betting
  • as a person involved in brawls and fights
  • in connection with war, riots and strikes
  • against the legal protection insurance provider
  • in connection with nuclear fission and fusion or non-ionising radiation
  • in connection with unauthorised usage of vehicles
  • in connection with driving without a valid driving licence
  • in connection with customs disputes
  • in connection with commercial purchase or sale of vehicles

Other exclusions – for example in labour law – differ depending on the provider. Therefore, the details are listed for each provider.