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Buying a motorcycle: how to find your dream machine

With a huge selection to chose from, finding the right motorcycle is far from simple. Source: Thinkstock

Never buy until you have had a test ride! But that's not the only rule when getting a bike. The tips below will help you to select the motorcycle that's right for you.

The wind in your face, diving into curves – and an amazing sense of freedom: once you've had a proper ride, you don't want to get off. Would you like to just hop on and ride away?

But finding the right machine is far from simple. Our tips will help you buy a motorcycle.

What sort of rider are you?

Before you buy a bike, you should think hard about what you want from it. Are you looking for a speedy racer? A tough motocross bike? Or are you a fan of the “American way of life” and dreaming of a Harley? Think carefully about what you expect of a motorcycle and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I often travel with luggage?
  • Do I often have someone on the pillion?
  • Am I planning long trips or do I need it mainly for everyday use? 
The more seriously you think about this, the more likely you are to find a bike that suits you.

A large selection of motorcycles on

Now you know what models interest you. It's time to do some in-depth research on the internet. You'll soon realise that prices vary hugely, depending on the type, the make and the mileage. It's worth looking at the motorcycles on to get an overview. In our Motorcycle Market, you will find all the new and second-hand motorcycles from the six largest Swiss motorcycle websites. Search, compare – and save.

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Don't buy until you have had a test ride!

Have you already found your potential dream machine? Great! But don't forget: even if it looks ever so shiny when you see it, never buy without a test ride. You must try it out, it's the only way to see if the bike really suits you. Is the seat height OK, and the weight, can I handle it in town and on the open road? You should definitely take the time for a half-hour test ride.

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