Health insurance

Swiss pensioners with residence in an EU/EFTA country

As of 1 April 2012, the new EU regulations also apply to relations between Switzerland and EU member states.

The following provision holds for recipients of pensions (old age and survivors' insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, occupational pension) and their non-working family members:

Pension from Switzerland
Health insurance in Switzerland is mandatory.

Pension from country of residence
Health insurance in country of residence is mandatory.

Pension from Switzerland and country of residence
Health insurance is mandatory in country where recipient has been in a pension scheme for the longest period of time.

Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Spain are exempted from this general rule. In these EU member states, the right of option applies in the area of insurance. It is possible to be exempted from mandatory health insurance in Switzerland.

Persons drawing a pension from Switzerland:
Only compulsory health insurance can be taken out. Alternative insurance models are not possible. All individuals with a Swiss insurance policy and living in an EU country now have the right to choose the place of treatment. They can decide whether they wish to be treated in Switzerland or in their country of residence. For treatment in Switzerland, they will have to pay full contribution to costs – just as policyholders residing in Switzerland do.

For policyholders living in a member state of the European Union, in Iceland or in Norway, the premiums are to be calculated according to the country of residence.

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