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Health insurance

Gym memberships

Gym memberships and fitness-related costs are not covered by mandatory basic insurance, but by the supplemental outpatient insurance policies offered by some health insurers.

These supplemental insurance packages cover a portion of the costs incurred in conjunction with gyms, fitness classes and health-promoting activities, such as aerobics, antenatal exercises and preventive courses.

Tips on gym membership benefits and supplemental insurance

  • Benefits relating to out-of-pocket expenses for gym memberships and other fitness-related costs vary enormously. So it’s worth comparing supplemental outpatient insurance policies.
  • Depending on the health insurer, a maximum of 200 to 500 francs is reimbursed for fitness-related costs per year. However, many insurers pay a maximum rate of 50 to 75 per cent of the costs incurred.
  • Not all gyms are accepted by Swiss health insurance providers. Many will only reimburse the costs if the gyms and fitness centres are Qualitop-certified.
  • Some supplemental health insurers require you to provide proof that you have completed a defined number of confirmed training sessions before the costs can be reimbursed.

Comparis tip: Bear in mind that it is rarely worth taking out supplemental insurance just for gym membership and other fitness-related costs. However, if you want other benefits to be covered as well, then a supplemental insurance package could be very good value.

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