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Health insurance

Glasses and contact lenses

How much does basic insurance pay?

  • Since 2011, adults no longer receive a contribution towards their glasses or contact lenses through their basic mandatory insurance. Basic insurance offers 180 francs per eye once a year but only if the condition has a medical cause, such as diabetes, opacity of lens, eye muscle disorders, lazy eye, medication use or eye operations (e.g. for glaucoma).
  • Basic insurance still makes a contribution for children. It will cover 180 francs of the cost of glasses per calendar year. This applies until the child's 18th birthday. If this cover isn't enough, you can take out an appropriate supplemental insurance policy.

How much does supplemental insurance pay?

  • If you don't want to pay for your glasses and other optical aids yourself, you can take out an appropriate supplemental insurance policy. This is available for less than ten francs per month.
  • Some policies will even pay out up to 1,000 francs for laser eye treatment.
  • However, as a rule, it is not worth taking out this kind of comprehensive package simply to get a contribution for your glasses or contact lenses, especially considering that the annual cover is usually limited to 150 to 200 francs.
  • Example: The monthly premium for supplemental insurance is 10 francs, which is 120 francs per year. For a pair of glasses, the insurance company would pay 150 francs per year (note that this contribution cannot be cumulated over the years). If you choose a cheap pair of glasses, costing around 200 francs, you would have paid 120 francs in premiums and saved just 30 francs (150-120=30) on your purchase.

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