Health insurance

Interim accident insurance

If an employment position is terminated, one is automatically covered for accidents for another 30 days. Should no new position have been started after one month, it is advisable to take out interim accident insurance ("Abredeversicherung"). This can be arranged with the accident insurance provider of the previous employer for up to 180 days. Interim accident insurance falls under the Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG). It provides the same benefits as accident insurance for work and non-work related accidents.
Benefits include:
  • medical expenses
  • daily allowance
  • disability benefits
  • impairment compensation
  • incapacitation compensation
  • funeral expenses
  • survivors' pensions

This insurance is optimal for people with unpaid holiday, extended vacations or language studies abroad. At the end of interim accident insurance coverage, one must add accident coverage to the basic health insurance plan, so long as one is not again covered through an employer.