Moving checklist: 5 steps to your dream home

Use the Comparis moving checklist to ensure a successful move. Divided into five steps, it covers the key points you need to consider when moving home.



Step 1: finding a new home and giving notice
Step 2: pre-move planning
Step 3: moving day
Step 4: cleaning your old home
Step 5: post-move planning
Comparis service: obtain quotes for moving and cleaning services


Step 1: finding a new home and giving notice

Find a new home

Give notice on your current home

  • Terminate your current tenancy agreement. Always send the termination letter by registered post. Note: the letter must reach the landlord by the day before the termination deadline. The date of the postmark does not matter; the relevant date is the one on which the landlord receives the termination letter.
  • Find a replacement tenant if you have given notice early. Otherwise, you will have to pay the rent outstanding for the period remaining until the next standard date of termination. You can advertise your old home with Comparis.
  • If you are moving in with several people: agree with your landlord on a contract clause governing contractual amendments (moving in/out of individual parties).
  • If you are selling your house or apartment, you can check out the tips on selling property compiled by Comparis.


Step 2: pre-move planning

Notify authorities and service providers

  • Deregister with your local municipality.
  • Change your address for contractual partners and organize forwarding at Swiss Post:
    • Health insurance provider
    • Car insurance provider (including any change to your parking situation – garage or outdoors – as this may affect your premium)
    • District command / civil defence / civilian service
    • Employer (and update emergency contact information)
    • Doctors
    • Banks / PostFinance / credit card company
    • Telephone directory entry
    • School/kindergarten/institute of further education
    • Note: if you are moving to a new canton, you can find useful information in our article on moving to another canton.
  • Notify your electricity/gas provider of your move and ask them to read the meter.
  • Re-register your radio and TV licence.
  • Cancel your telephone, Internet and/or TV plan for your old address and re-register for your new one.
    Tip: you can visit the Comparis telecom page to compare the different mobile, Internet and TV providers.

Prepare for the move itself

  • The main question is: who will help you? Friends and family or a removal firm?
    Tip: a removal firm will save you many hours of work and is insured against damage. Quotes for a professional moving company to move a 3-room apartment typically start at CHF 700. Request moving quotes now.
  • Clear out your apartment, storage spaces, basement, garage, attic and garden:
    • Dispose of hazardous waste and bulky items.
    • Dispose of old or unneeded medication at the pharmacy or at a collection site.
    • Take unwanted clothes to a donation bin or charity store.
  • Dispose of rubbish and unwanted furniture or take them to a second-hand or charity store.
  • If you have pets, make the necessary arrangements for moving them.
  • Hire a removal van.
  • Buy or rent moving boxes.
  • Rent storage space if you need to store belongings temporarily.
    • Personal liability and home contents insurance covers damage caused by helpers during the move (if they are legally responsible for the damage).
    • The removal firm’s goods-in-transit insurance covers damage the firm itself causes during the move. Make sure that the sum insured is adequate.

Schedule planning

  • Ask your employer for leave on your moving day (you are usually entitled to one day off – ask for additional days if needed).
  • Arrange the handover of your previous home with the landlord.
  • Arrange the handover of your new home.
  • Organize a plumber to remove your washing machine (have it installed by a professional to protect you in case you need to claim for damage on your insurance).
  • Organize workmen to carry out any necessary repairs to your previous home.


Step 3: moving day

  • Have tools and maybe a cordless drill handy for dismantling and assembly work, plus nails and screws.
  • Take cleaning materials and equipment with you (cloths, bucket, cleaning products, vacuum cleaner etc.).
  • Organize trolleys, blankets and straps to transport goods securely.
  • Prepare a first-aid kit for the removal (better safe than sorry).
  • Organize refreshments for the helpers.
  • Reserve a parking space.
  • Prepare 1-2 lamps including light bulbs and extension cables to provide your first light source in your new home.
  • Bring plastic wrap and boxes for moving and assembling furniture.


Step 4: cleaning your old home

  • The main question is: who will help you? Friends and family or a cleaning company? Tip: a removal firm will save you many hours of work and will provide a handover guarantee. Quotes for a professional cleaning company to clean a 3-room apartment typically start at CHF 800. Request cleaning quotes now.
  • Ask your landlord how you should leave the rental property: is a basic or deep clean required? If you are doing it yourself, the main items to be cleaned are:
    • Oven and hob
    • Refrigerator (empty as far as possible) / freezer (defrost)
    • Dishwasher and filters
    • Extractor hood and other air fans or vents
    • Toilet, shower and bathtub
    • Radiators, sills, shelves and door frames
    • Windows
    • Floors
    • Garage, basement, attic, letter box and parcel box


Step 5: post-move planning


  • Compile the inspection report together with your landlord and record defects during the walk-through. If the landlord notes any damage or problems during the inspection, the tenant can report it to their personal liability/home contents insurer. In such a case, the tenant also has the opportunity to cancel the personal liability / home contents policy within 14 days.
    Tip: the terms applying to payment of the deductible in the event of tenancy claims vary. It is worth checking whether the deductible is applied per move, per room or per claim.
    • Hand over old keys (including the additional ones you may have had to duplicate at your own cost).
    • Receive new keys.

    Other points to note after the move

    • Register with the municipality of your new place of residence.
    • Reclaim rental deposit, if you have not already done so.
    • Check the initial rent and contest if necessary within 30 days.
    • Furnish your home:
      • Fit your first lights and lamps.
      • Buy a comfortable bed.
      • Furnish your living room.
    • Organize a small dinner for the people who helped you.
    • Fit nameplates.
    • Notify all authorities and service providers of your change of address (e.g. municipality, Road Traffic Office, electricity provider).

    Comparis service: obtain quotes for moving and cleaning services

    You can save a lot of time and money by hiring a moving and/or cleaning company. You can request up to five quotes for your move free of charge via Comparis.