Property Report: market development analysis and forecast

Where are the housing bubbles in Switzerland at the moment and what is the outlook for the market? A glimpse into the future is provided by a study of over 1.5 million house and apartment sales listings carried out by ETH Zurich (Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks) in partnership with Analyses were performed every six months up until 2015 and occur once a year since then.

The study is based on a mathematical model devised by Professor Didier Sornette and his team (LPPL model). The current data set comprises asking prices for properties listed on between early 2005 and the end of June 2017. During the initial phase, the collaboration was co-financed by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

Interactive map

The Swiss property market in one click – view price changes by district and property type on our interactive map. You can select any time period.

The Property Report of ETH Zurich and differentiates districts according to their price dynamics:

  • The "critical" districts show strong signs of a housing bubble.
  • Districts exhibiting less distinctive signs of a bubble are labelled "to watch".
  • If the situation is still uncertain, districts are given the status "to monitor".

Those who intend to buy a house or apartment in one of these three district categories had best wait a little longer. However, according to the ETH researchers, there is no cause for alarm. The 'hot' regions on the property market are cooling down again. A sudden burst of the bubble is not to be expected.

Those districts with the status "Regime change", on the other hand, offer attractive purchase opportunities. There the price dynamics have already levelled out.