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Comparison of gyms and fitness centres

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One in ten people in Switzerland has a gym membership. But there are some 1,200 gyms and fitness centres to choose from. The services offered are diverse, reflecting the widely varying needs of their customers. The question is: which is the best fit for you?

Differences between the main fitness centres in Switzerland

The biggest fitness chains account for over a quarter of all the gyms in the whole of Switzerland. However, fitness chains tend to be regional rather than national. The cost of an annual membership ranges from 498 to 1,790 francs. The services included in an annual membership also vary significantly. Some gyms may include free trials, group classes, saunas, childcare, drinks and so on in their memberships but others may not even offer such services in the first place. We have compiled all the information for you in our downloadable table.

Which is the cheapest gym or fitness centre?

Fitness chain Membership period Annual price in CHF Link
Discountfit 1 month 468 + 30 * Sign up
Basefit 12/24 months 499 + 20 * Sign up
Update Fitness 12 months 690 Sign up
Evo Fitness 1/12 months 708 Sign up
ACTIV FITNESS 12/24 months 740 Sign up
MFIT 1/3/6/12 months 790 Sign up
Fitnessplus 1/2/3/6/12 months 990 Sign up
Kieser Training ** 12/24/36 months 1,040 Sign up
Migros Fitnessclub 12 months 1,040 Sign up
Let's Go Fitness 3/6/12 months 1,289 Sign up
ONE Training Center 1/12/24 months 1,310 Sign up
Fitness-Park 10 session pass, 1/12 months 1,050 - 1,415 *** Sign up
Migros Fitnesscard 1/12 months 1,420 Sign up
Indigo Fitness 10 session pass, 3/6/12 months 1,550 - 1,790 *** Sign up

* Registration fee
** Strength training only / no endurance training
*** Depending on location

When does health insurance cover the cost of gym membership and how much will it pay?

Whether your health insurer will make a contribution to your membership usually depends on two factors.

  1. The health insurer will only pay if the gym or fitness centre has been quality-certified. The most well-known certification is Qualitop/QualiCert, but other certifications like EMfit and Fitness-Guide are sometimes also accepted. 
  2. To have your costs reimbursed, you need to take out a supplemental insurance policy that covers gym memberships, whether fully or partially. In some cases, health insurers may impose further requirements.

Which gyms and fitness centres are approved by health insurers? 

Fitness chain Locations Certification for health insurer Trial session
ACTIV FITNESS FR, GE, GL, NE, SG, SZ, TI, VD, VS, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free
Basefit AG, BE, BS, GR, LU, SG, SO, ZG, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free
Discountfit AG, BE, BS, FR, ZH None No
Evo Fitness BE, BS, FR, GE, LU, ZH None Free
Fitness-Park AG, BS, LU, SG, VD, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free *
Fitnessplus BS, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free
Indigo Fitness BS, GE, LU, ZG, ZH Yes, Fitness-Guide (partially) Free
Kieser Training ** AG, BE, BL, BS, FR, LU, SG, SH, SO, TG, ZG, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free
Let’s Go Fitness BE, FR, GE, JU, NE, VD, VS Yes, Qualitop Free
Migros Fitnesscard All of Switzerland except AI, JU, NW Yes, Qualitop Free *
Migros Fitnessclub AG, BE, SO Yes, Qualitop CHF 34
MFIT GR, SG, SH, TG, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free
ONE Training Center LU, NW, SZ, UR, ZG Yes, Qualitop Free
Update Fitness AR, AG, BE, BL, BS, GR, LU, SG, SO, TG, ZH Yes, Qualitop Free

* Depending on location
** Strength training only / no endurance training

Group classes and wellness services in fitness centres

Many fitness chains also offer group classes, which are often included in the membership fee. Popular classes include aerobics, bodypump, pilates, yoga and zumba. Less often included are wellness services such as saunas, steam baths, solariums and quiet zones.

You can find an overview of what the leading fitness chains have to offer in this downloadable table.