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Car insurance

Bonus evaluation of car insurance products

The bonus system has a large influence on the development of your premium. For this reason, has evaluated each insurer's bonus system as follows.

Evaluation criteria:

  • How long does it take until one is at the lowest premium level?
  • By how much do premiums go up following an accident after years of accident-free driving?
  • How large are the premium level intervals above 100%?
  • What is the average premium increase due to a premium level rise following an accident?
  • Is the entire casco insurance subject to the bonus system or just the collision damage premium?

Driver profiles:
These 5 criteria were analysed for 8 different typical driver profiles:

  • Profile #1: driven for 5 years (+/- 2 years) without accident
  • Profile #2: driven for 5 years (+/- 2 years), up to two claims
  • Profile #3: new policyholder (driving experience of up to 2 years)
  • Profile #4: long-term accident-free driver
  • Profile #5: long-term accident-free driver, up to two claims in the last 5 years
  • Profile #6: new driver with up to two claims in the last 2 years
  • Profile #7: older driver with decades of driving experience, three or more claims in the last 4 years
  • Profile #8: crash driver

Personal assessment:
On the basis of the data you submitted for the car insurance comparison, you will be attributed to one of the above profiles for the individual bonus system evaluation of liability insurance and comprehensive and collision insurance (full casco).

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