Why should I review my pension arrangements in good time?

Review your retirement plans

Who do I stand without third pillar savings?

Use the new pension calculator to easily identify pension shortfalls and take steps now to ensure a care-free future.

Why should I review my pension arrangements in good time?

The state (AHV/AVS) and occupational (pension fund) retirement benefits are continuously decreasing due to social and economic developments. However, not everyone understands how this affects their specific situation. It’s not just your current income that matters, but also any interruptions to your gainful activity (e.g. maternity leave), long-term obligations (e.g. mortgage loan) and, perhaps most importantly, the standard of living you are striving for in old age.

What does a pension review involve?

In a free, no-obligation pension review, qualified experts help you analyse your retirement situation in detail based on your current personal circumstances and your plans for the future. This way you can find out what your personal financial requirements will be after retirement and what you can do to plan ahead today.

Who performs this pension review?

comparis.ch will forward your request to our partner service, Optimatis, which works with qualified retirement experts. They will get in touch with you right away to arrange an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation.