Pillar 3a

3a funds account

Investments in securities for financial security savings. A 3a funds account is opened at a bank or an insurance. Unlike with the pillar 3a savings account, the provider invests a part of the money in securities (shares, funds, bonds). The share of equities is limited to the legally required maximum of 50 per cent.

The yield opportunities are increased by investing in securities. In contrast to this however, the risk of loss is also higher.

As it is the case with the pillar 3a savings account, the annually paid contributions are deductible from tax, provided that they don't exceed the maximum amount.

The savings can be drawn earliest five years before regular retirement age. The exceptions for preterm withdrawal are e.g. the purchase of property or the beginning of professional self-employment. The annually paid amounts into a funds account of Pillar 3a are deductible from tax.