Provide for retirement with pillar 3a

Are you only able to pay in small amounts? It’s still worth your while.

Pillar 3a offers attractive tax benefits that are regulated by law.

Tax relief on payments into the third pillar
Favourable tax rate on withdrawals
Tax benefits for multiple pension plans

Bank or insurance company? Or both? Let our pension experts advise you.

New maximum contribution
What is the maximum tax-deductible contribution?
The Swiss Federal Council has set a new maximum tax-deductible contribution for the restricted personal pension plan (pillar 3a). The new figure will apply as of 1 January 2020.

Pillar 3a – maximum contribution for 2020
Which pillar 3a account is the right one for me?
Pillar 3a account comparison
When it comes to pensions, the range of available options is diverse. Both banks and insurance companies offer suitable products. Just enter a few details to quickly find the right solution for your needs.

Compare pillar 3a accounts

Save on tax with pillar 3a

Paying into pillar 3a not only helps you accumulate funds for retirement but also translates into tax savings each year.

How does the 3-pillar principle in Switzerland work?

The Swiss retirement system is based on the 3-pillar principle, with pensions being regulated according to their type. One is a purely private pension, which forms the third pillar. It is vital to accumulate a sufficient private pension to ensure adequate provision in retirement with no shortfalls.

What third pillar products are available?

When it comes to pensions, the range of available options is diverse. Both banks and insurance companies offer suitable products. Insurance plans always also include insurance cover for risks such as incapacity for work, illness/disability or death.

What are the advantages of the third pillar?
What are the advantages of the third pillar?
There are many reasons why third pillar pension plans offer a good deal. You can use them to save taxes, close pension gaps, finance a home purchase and more.

Third pillar benefits
Save on tax with pillar 3a
Save on tax with pillar 3a
Pillar 3a offers attractive tax benefits that are regulated by law – you could save several thousands francs each year.

The tax benefits of pillar 3a

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Pillar 3a – savings or investment account?
A retirement savings account is a tax-efficient way of saving. With this type of account, the money is deposited in either an interest account or investment account, which includes securities (shares, funds, bonds). Compare savings and investment accounts
How can I switch to a different pillar 3a account?
Savers can transfer their money from one retirement savings account to another, provided that the total account balance is transferred. This can make a lot of financial sense, because the interest rates on retirement savings accounts vary according to provider. Switch to a new pillar 3a account
Review your retirement saving plans
The state (AHV/AVS) and occupational (pension fund) retirement benefits are continuously decreasing due to social and economic developments. However, not everyone understands how this affects their specific situation. Request pension review
Cancellation letter template for switching providers
Create your cancellation letter quickly and easily using our template, and switch your account to a different provider. Most providers do not require you give notice. Create letter to close and switch
Pillar 3a providers
Here you can find information about the providers of pillar 3a products. This information is divided into product details, a description of the provider, and user opinion. View list of pillar 3a providers

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