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Loan Guide

Eligibility criteria for personal loans

To ensure your loan application is successful, certain conditions must be fulfilled. We show you how. 

Credit check – what does it involve?

A person's credit standing serves as an indication of how likely they are to meet their financial obligations. Both ability and willingness to pay are taken into account.

Loan agreement

Here you can find out all about loan agreements and what they involve.

When is it advisable to refinance a loan?

It is quite common for a borrower's situation to change while they're paying off their loan. Market conditions may also vary. In these circumstances, it makes sense to check whether a cheaper loan is available.

Increasing an existing loan – is it possible?

It’s a familiar story. You already have a loan arrangement in place, when suddenly you are faced with another financial burden. There are all sorts of reasons why this might happen. The question is what to do about it.

Calculate credit limit

You can use the credit limit calculator at to easily work out your maximum borrowing capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the Consumer Credit Act (KKG).

Hints and tips on taking out a loan

A loan can free up your finances for many needs and help bridge the gap when your cash flow is tight. However, it is not easy to find the right loan. Our hints and tips for taking out a loan are designed to help you.

Financing a move: what are the options?

Are you planning to move home? Find out here what your financing options are and whether it's worth taking out a loan to cover moving costs.

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