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Approval of a loan is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).
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credaris, a partner service of comparis.ch, compares all lenders and finds the loan that's best for you.

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Use the credit limit calculator to quickly work out your maximum borrowing capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the Consumer Credit Act (KKG).


Credit check

A person's credit score serves as an indication of how likely they are to meet their financial obligations. Both ability and willingness to pay are taken into account.


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Save up to 1,600 francs by switching loans

On 1st July this year, the maximum interest rate for personal loans was reduced to 10 per cent. Borrowers who are currently paying over 10 per cent for their existing loan would be well advised to check their loan agreements and consider shifting to a new provider. They could save themselves a substantial sum. More

credaris – a partner service of comparis.ch

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credaris is a partner service of comparis.ch