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Constant sum insured
In the case of a constant sum insured, the insured sum is set at a certain amount at inception of the contract and remains unchanged throughout the insurance period.

Decreasing sum insured
In the case of a decreasing sum insured, the insured sum is set at inception of the contract, but decreases by a certain amount each year. If this option is selected, the sum insured decreases by the same amount per year with most risk-life insurance products.

What is whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance pays a contractually agreed sum to the beneficiaries in the event of the insured person's death. There are two types of whole life insurance: whole life insurance with a constant sum insured and with a decreasing sum insured.

Constant sum insured
  • Advantage: premium remains the same throughout the duration of the contract
  • Disadvantage: no savings due to reduced premiums towards the end of the contract period

Decreasing sum insured
  • Advantage: premium reflects the risk covered
  • Disadvantage: high premiums/costs at the beginning of the insurance period


Why do I need whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance makes particular sense in the following cases:

  • Residential property: If the family owns a house, there could be financial problems when the main earner passes away. Amortising the mortgage is often difficult without extra money from an insurance.
  • Protecting the family: In the event of death, the family receives the agreed sum insured.
  • Protecting the cohabiting partner: Social security benefits are generally only paid out to married couples. In the case of unmarried cohabiting partners, the surviving partner risks a considerable gap in his/her statutory pension scheme (1st and 2nd pillar).
  • Self-employed individuals: Whole life insurance makes sure that the business is safe and can be continued if one of the proprietors passes away.


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