Life insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance protects your loved ones and allows you to maintain your standard of living. There are many reasons to invest in a life insurance policy.

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Maintain your current standard of living
Cover pension funds withdrawn to buy a residential property
Protect your mortgage, personal loan debt and self-employed income

Life insurance explained

What is life insurance?

There are many benefits to taking out life insurance – it lets you safeguard your family, provide for retirement, save on tax and protect your income in case of inability to work. But which type of life insurance is best for which need? explores the options.

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What purpose do you wish your life insurance policy to fulfil? Which products – from straightforward term life insurance to unit-linked life insurance – will help you achieve this? To find the solution that is best tailored to your individual needs, an in-depth analysis is required. Arrange a consultation with a pension expert at our partner service Optimatis for free no-obligation advice. They will then take care of everything, leaving you to reach a final decision at your leisure.

Life insurance – everything you need to know

Learn the ins and outs of life insurance – from loss of income insurance to term life insurance.

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