Insurers with the biggest premium reductions in 2020 are still often over 16% dearer than the cheapest insurer

| By Felix Schneuwly |
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Various health insurers are set to lower their premiums for 2020. However, a Comparis study shows that some basic health insurance premiums are still nevertheless over 16% higher than the cheapest provider in the same premium region.

Some health insurers are lowering their basic health insurance premiums in 2020. But policyholders with these providers could actually save a lot more.

Largest percentage reduction by Avenir in Zurich

In the cities of Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, Geneva and Zurich, the insurers making the biggest reductions lowered their premiums by between 3% (Bellinzona) and 10.6% (Zurich). Customers enjoying the biggest premium reduction (10.6%) are those with the Telmed model and a deductible of 2,500 francs at Avenir, which belongs to Groupe Mutuel, in Zurich. The smallest reduction is offered to Groupe Mutuel customers in Bellinzona insured under the family doctor model (deductible of 2,500 francs), who will pay 3% less. In Geneva, Groupe Mutuel policyholders with the family doctor model and those of its subsidiary Easy Sana (deductible of 2,500 francs in each case) will spend 5.1% less on premiums next year. Easy Sana policyholders insured under the family doctor or Telmed model in Basel (deductible of 2,500 francs) will save 5.7%. And those insured with Philos under the family doctor model in Bern – also with a deductible of 2,500 francs – will pay 8.4% less next year. 

Save up to 680 francs more with the cheapest insurers

In spite of these reductions, the aforementioned policyholders will still be paying high premiums. For example, the premiums subject to the most significant reductions will still cost 16.5% more than cheapest comparable deal in the region. This affects policyholders insured with Philos under the family doctor model (deductible of 2,500 francs) in Zurich. They could save 640 francs by switching to a comparable deal offered by Assura. In absolute terms, the biggest potential savers are policyholders insured with Easy Sana under the family doctor model in Geneva (deductible of 2,500 francs), who could save 680 francs by switching to Assura.

CSS and Helsana not offering the top premium reductions

Prior to the official announcement by the government, CSS and Helsana hit the headlines by declaring their intention to lower their premiums. However, a comparison with the five insurers offering the biggest premium reductions in Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, Geneva and Zurich now reveals that these two major insurers clearly rank outside the top five.

Potential savings of 40% and more for over 1.2 million policyholders

Essentially, over 1.2 million adult policyholders in Switzerland could reduce their premium spend by over 40%, even in 2020 – a quiet year for premium increases. To tap into this savings potential, policyholders should switch to one of the five cheapest health insurers in their premium region and/or increase their deductible and/or switch to a different model with their own insurer.

An analysis of the five market leaders for each premium region (accounting for some 60% of basic insurance policyholders) reveals a maximum savings potential of 56% or 3,147.60 francs for 2020. Some 1,669 policyholders insured under the standard model with Easy Sana in Valais (FOPH region VS2) could exploit this potential by switching to the Telmed model with Atupri.

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