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Make an end to annoying telephone advertising


No matter if for wine, newspaper subscriptions or health insurances – advertising calls annoy many consumers. If you don’t want to receive such calls, you can show the direct marketing companies by adding the asterisk entry in the telephone book. But until now, this asterisk entry was a toothless tiger - and violation usually remained without any consequences.

This is supposed to change now. On 1st April 2012, the revised federal law against unfair competition (“UWG”) comes into effect. In section 3 sub-paragraph u, the new law regulates protection from unwanted telephone advertising. Violation of the according notation (asterisk entry) is now a legal infringement.

So that the tightening of the law against unfair competition serves its intended purpose, consumers who do not want any advertising calls should make the according notation in the form of the asterisk entry. Therefore, offers an online service. With this service, you can on the one hand check quickly and easily if you already have an entry in the telephone book. On the other hand, you can enter a notation in the relevant directories at and the Swiss Direct Marketing Association if you don’t want any advertising calls.

By the way: the tightening of the law against unfair competition only regulates calls where there has been no previous contact between the consumer and the calling company. However, many companies «collect addresses and telephone numbers with competitions and similar things. If you take part in such a competition, you agree that the company may use the address for advertising purposes. You should therefore always take care of where you give your telephone number and address.