Beware of phoney insurance brokers has received numerous complaints and been notified about telephone calls from call centres whose employees pretend to be Comparis employees in order to trick the caller into granting them a consultation appointment on health insurance. Please do not accept their offers. This is unfair practice as does not do or commission telephone marketing nor do we offer any personal consultation appointments. In fact, these agents or brokers try to misuse the good reputation of for their business. takes action against this misuse – if possible through legal channels. For this, we need your help.

If you receive such a call, please note the name and telephone number of the caller as well as the date and time of the call.  Please contact immediately afterwards (telephone 044 360 52 62 or We appreciate your support. is an independent Internet comparison service that does not offer consultations or practise telephone marketing. On our website, we make information freely accessible to everybody. The wish to change insurance must come from the policyholders themselves. On, it is up to the policyholders to decide which insurance is ideal for them.

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