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Health insurance information and news

Health insurance premiums 2021

The Federal Office of Public Health announced the health insurance premiums for 2021 on 22 September 2020. Premiums are set to rise by 0.5% on average. Despite the small increase, around one million Swiss residents could save 40% or more next year. You can find all the new health insurance premiums and deals on the Comparis website.

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Health insurance news

Post-lockdown telemedicine boom fails to materialize

Update of 02/11/2020

Despite lockdown and social distancing in the coronavirus pandemic, Telmed models have not increased in popularity. In fact, among the younger members of the population, demand for these models has even reduced slightly. Instead, the trend appears to be moving towards HMO models and the maximum deductible of 2,500 francs. You can find out more in this press release on the Comparis analysis (in German, French and Italian only).

Health insurance in times of coronavirus – what’s the best option?

Update of 29/10/2020

Despite losses of income and a fragile economic outlook, the average premium increase of 0.5% is deterring people from comparing health insurance and trying to save money. Nevertheless, it would be well worth them taking a close look at their current health insurance model. Those in high-risk groups with a maximum deductible of 2,500 francs should consider switching to the minimum 300 francs. Ultimately, a low deductible works out cheaper if hospitalization due to coronavirus is necessary.

Here's why: if you choose the maximum deductible, you will pay a maximum of 3,200 francs in the event of illness (deductible of 2,500 francs plus coinsurance of 700 francs). This does not include the contribution of 15 francs per day in hospital for meals. If you choose the minimum deductible, the maximum you will pay is 1,000 francs (deductible of 300 francs and coinsurance of 700 francs). As a rule of thumb, it's worth choosing the maximum deductible if your annual medical costs are less than 2,000 francs per year. If your annual expenses for doctor’s appointments, medicine and hospital stays and so on exceed this amount, you should choose the minimum deductible of 300 francs.

Blacklist for people who fail to pay premiums

Update of 05/10/2020

If you fail to pay your health insurance premiums or medical bills, some cantons may blacklist you. Parliament now wants to abolish these lists. If you are blacklisted, insurers will reimburse the cost of emergency medical treatment only. The cantons of Thurgau, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, Zug, Lucerne, Aargau and Ticino use such lists.

Around one million policyholders can make huge savings in 2021

Update of 22/09/2020

Although basic health insurance premiums are only set to rise by 0.5% on average in 2021, around one million Swiss residents could save 40% or more next year. You can find out more in the Comparis press release (in German, French and Italian only).

Health insurers should pay for coronavirus vaccinations

Update of 17/09/2020

According to a survey by Comparis (in German, French and Italian only), around half of the Swiss population would like any coronavirus vaccination to be voluntary and covered by basic insurance. Unlike for other vaccinations like the flu vaccination, basic insurance should cover the cost for everyone, not just high-risk groups.

Short-time work increases burden of health insurance premiums

Update of 08/09/2020

The income of Swiss households is being significantly curtailed owing to short-time working and higher unemployment. This increases the burden of health insurance premiums. At the very worst, the proportion of the household budget spent on basic insurance premiums could be 16%, as a Comparis analysis of the premium burden shows (in German, French and Italian only).

Federal Council wants to end free choice of doctor

Update of 19/08/2020

The Federal Council wants to reduce healthcare costs by introducing cost targets and ending free choice of doctor. Basic health insurance already supports both these measures, but optionally, and with a premium discount. Learn more in the Comparis assessment of compulsory measures in the healthcare system (in German only).

Customer satisfaction with health insurers 2020

Update of 13/07/2020

In 2020, six health insurers received the highest rating of 5.4 for their compulsory basic health insurance services. They are Swica (same as in the previous year), KPT and the Helsana subsidiary Progrès (5.3 in the previous year), and Helsana, ÖKK and Sanitas (5.2 in the previous year). The maximum rating thus remains the same as in 2019. Find out more in the overview of customer satisfaction ratings for health insurers.

Premium forecast for 2021

Update of 15/06/2020

Comparis health insurance expert Felix Schnewly expects basic health insurance premiums to increase by around 3% in 2021. Many people who are less well off because of the coronavirus crisis will not be able to afford a 3% increase. For this reason, Comparis is calling for reserves to be used so that health insurers have more leeway when setting premium prices. You can read more in the press release on the premium forecast for 2021.

The coronavirus crisis should not be an excuse for increasing health insurance premiums

Update of 16/03/2020

Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis, says: “Until last week, the Federal Council, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the cantonal authorities did almost everything right, the exception being the decision by the Federal Council to make health insurers pay for coronavirus tests. However, given the reserve cushion of 8 billion francs, the warning by health insurance association Santésuisse that the coronavirus pandemic would lead to extra premium increases is untenable.”

Insurers that reduce premiums are not always the cheapest

Update of 30/10/2019

Health insurers will only moderately increase basic health insurance premiums in 2020. Some – mainly the larger health insurance providers – have even announced premium reductions. However, a Comparis analysis has now shown that customers should not be misled by lower premiums. The insurers offering the biggest premium reductions are often still considerably more expensive than the cheapest providers. Find out more in our article

Save money by paying in advance

Update of 23/10/2019

It can be worth paying health insurance premiums in advance, either for six months or a whole year, particularly when interest rates are negative. Some health insurers will reward you with a discount of up to 2%. You can find an overview of discounts in this table.

How much do young people know about health insurance?

Update of 17/10/2019

What is the level of health insurance knowledge like in Switzerland? YouTuber Lionel from Basel canvassed young people on this topic on behalf of Comparis. You can watch the video here (in German only). 

Health insurance comparisons – how does Comparis work?

Update of 24/09/2019

Comparis users frequently ask about how the Comparis business model is designed. How does the largest comparison service in Switzerland guarantee its impartiality? How does Comparis contribute to cost increases or decreases in the healthcare system? These questions and more are answered in this article

Shortcomings in the basic health insurance system: policyholders with alternative models are paying over the odds

Update of 23/09/2019

Comparis invited experts from the healthcare industry to take part in a mini-conference. Health economist Pius Gyger presented the results of a study focusing on the options for premium pricing in basic health insurance. The report concluded that the current premium pricing rules are a hindrance to integrated care. Read more here (in German, French and Italian only). 

Increase your deductible now and save on premiums

Update of 18/09/2019

Switching insurance provider and selecting an alternative insurance model are not the only ways for policyholders to save in 2020. The choice of deductible is also a factor. For example, young policyholders or those anticipating low medical expenses in the coming year are better off opting for the maximum deductible of 2500 francs, as Comparis expert Felix Schneuwly explains. Read more here on the subject of increasing your deductible.

Average premium increase from 372 to 383 francs in 2020

Update of 25/06/2019

Comparis predicts that basic health insurance premiums will increase by 2-3% in 2020. As ever, it is primarily the quantity of medical products and services consumed that is driving up costs and premiums – not the prices.

More information on health insurance

Compare premiums and save money

Health insurance premiums constitute a considerable proportion of a household's budget. It’s therefore well worth comparing premiums again this year. Those who are affected by a significant premium increase can respond by changing their insurance provider or choosing a cheaper insurance model. All health insurance companies offer identical basic health insurance cover.

Cancellation notice periods

Find out here by when you need to cancel your basic insurance and what you should watch out for when cancelling your supplemental insurance.

Cancellation letter template

The quick and easy way to write a cancellation letter – with the convenient template provided by Create the cancellation letter for your health insurance provider now.

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Health insurance glossary

Do you find some of the terminology confusing? We have put together an A-to-Z list of key health insurance terms with explanations, which you can find in our health insurance glossary.

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