Health insurance premiums 2020 – compare and switch

Health insurers Helsana and CSS have already announced that they will be reducing their premiums in 2020. All the health insurance premiums for 2020 will be published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) at the end of September 2019. 


Update of 25/06/2019: Average premium increase from 372 to 383 francs in 2020

Comparis predicts that basic health insurance premiums will increase by 2-3% in 2020. As ever, it is primarily the quantity of medical products and services consumed that is driving up costs and premiums – not the prices.

Update of 26/09/2018: Fake e-mails

Cyber criminals took advantage of the current debate on rising health insurance premiums by sending fake e-mails on behalf of Helsana. Their goal was to infect Swiss computers with the e-banking trojan called “Retefe”. Be on your guard if you receive e-mails from a health insurance provider. Examine them carefully before opening any contents. If you suspect that an e-mail you received is a fake, please contact your insurance provider and delete the e-mail.

Update of 24/09/2018: “People with alternative insurance models are increasingly subsidizing those opting for the standard model”

According to health insurance expert Felix Schneuwly, the average increase in the basic insurance premiums for 2019 of 1.2 per cent does not necessarily reflect the real rise in healthcare costs. In addition, there is a great imbalance between the standard model and the alternative models. Despite the seemingly modest increase in premiums, half of all policyholders could still benefit from considerable savings, according to a Comparis analysis. The press release of 24 September 2018 outlines some ways you can save (available in German, French and Italian only).

Update of 24/09/2018: “Decision to use average premium increase long overdue”

On 24th September 2018, the Federal Office of Public Health announced an average premium increase of 1.2%. According to Comparis expert Felix Schneuwly, the decision to calculate the premium increase based on the average premium instead of the standard premium is long overdue. However, he also warns that this modest premium increase does not reflect the real rise in healthcare costs. A statement is available on the announcement of health insurance premiums for 2019 (in German, French and Italian only).

Update of 21/09/2018: 25 francs premium increase represents pain threshold

On 24th September 2018, the Federal Office of Public Health released the new basic health insurance premiums for 2019. Our survey of 1,500 Comparis users on health insurance premiums shows that half of all policyholders would switch health insurance if their monthly premiums went up by 25 francs (article available in German, French and Italian only).

Update of 14/08/2018: Ethical customer acquisition practised by ten health insurers awards quality labels to health insurers that commit themselves to adhering to the provisions of the Federal Act on Unfair Competition when conducting customer acquisition activities by telephone or e-mail. Find out which ten health insurers have been awarded the ethical customer acquisition label for 2018 and which two refrain completely from telemarketing (press release in German, French and Italian only).

Update of 31/07/2018: Health insurers with the best ratings

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. For this reason, has teamed up with market research experts GfK to conduct an annual survey to determine customer satisfaction with respect to health insurance companies. Assessing factors like the competence and commitment of health insurance staff, billing and clarity of information for customers, our survey, which is based on the experience of other customers, will help you choose the right health insurer. 

Six insurers came joint top of the customer satisfaction table with a rating of 5.3: Agrisano, Concordia, KPT / CPT, Sana 24, Sanitas and Swica. In joint second place with a rating of 5.2 were two health insurers, while six others took bronze with a rating of 5.1. Here is the list of all health insurers.

Update of 11/07/2018: Beware of calls from fraudulent brokers has once again been receiving information and numerous complaints about telephone calls from call centres whose employees say they work for Comparis. Do not respond to their offers under any circumstances. Here you can read further information on the subject and find out how to protect yourself from these calls.

Compare premiums and save money

Health insurance premiums constitute a considerable proportion of a household's budget. It’s therefore well worth comparing them again for 2019. Those who are affected by a significant premium increase can respond by changing their insurance provider or choosing a cheaper insurance model. All insurers offer identical basic health insurance cover. can help you find the right provider and save money.

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Notification of premiums 

The premiums for 2019 have been available in our comparison since 24 September 2018. Once again, the option to receive a premium notification will be available in September 2019, which will enable you to calculate how much you could personally save as soon as the premiums are announced.


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