Health insurance premiums 2018 – compare and switch

Until 30/11/2017 at, you can work out your personal health insurance premium for 2018, compare it with other health insurers, models and deductibles and request quotes directly by e-mail. Anyone can switch their basic health insurance policy irrespective of age or medical history.



Update from 07/11/2017: Cancelling basic insurance

You have just 22 more days in which to switch from your current health insurer. The cancellation letter must be received by your current health insurance provider by 30 November at the latest. You then have until the end of the year to register with a new insurer. To ensure the transition goes smoothly, we have prepared a 3-step guide on how to cancel your health insurance, including the necessary templates.

Update from 04/10/2017: Health insurance providers with the best ratings

Swica tops the satisfaction table for health insurance with a rating of 5.4. Second place is occupied by three health insurers with a rating of 5.3, while five insurers take bronze with a rating of 5.2. List of all health insurance companies

Update from 28/09/2017: Health insurance premiums set to increase by 4.9 per cent in 2018

In 2018, health insurance premiums will go up by 4.9 per cent on average, as calculated by The front-runner is the canton of Valais, where premiums for the Telmed models will climb by a hefty 7.9 per cent on average. Policyholders in St. Gallen will have to reckon with the highest percentage increase for a single insurer. Anyone insured with Avenir under the family doctor model with the highest deductible will pay 21.9% per cent more than in the previous year. Residents in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Geneva will continue to pay the highest health insurance premiums in Switzerland. Breakdown of premium increases in 2018

Update from 25/09/2017: Publication of the premiums for 2018

This year, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will approve and announce the new health insurance premiums for 2018 on 28th September 2017. You will then be able to view them in the health insurance comparison at, where you can compare prices and save money.

Update from 29/08/2017: Notification of new health insurance premiums has launched a new service that notifies you when the new health insurance premiums for 2018 become available. To receive this notification, enter your details in the registration form and when the time comes, you will be sent details of your potential savings and a link to the results page. Since premiums are expected to rise five per cent on average in the new year, it may make sense to switch health insurers.

Update from 14/08/2017: Initial assessment of premium increase

In July, conducted a survey on expected premium increases for 2018. Policyholders are anticipating another steep rise of five per cent on average for 2018. According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the average price of a premium in Switzerland in 2017 is 447.28 francs per month. A five per cent premium increase therefore means an extra 270 francs a year. For more information, see the Comparis survey or the press release (not available in English).

Update from 11/07/2017: Beware of calls from phoney brokers has once again been receiving information and numerous complaints about telephone calls from call centres whose employees say they work for Comparis. Do not respond to their offers under any circumstances. For more information on the subject, and to find out how to protect yourself from these calls, see the following page.

Update from 01/01/2017: Mergers and take-overs in the health insurance sector

The two health insurers Avanex and Sansan, who have a total of 410,000 policyholders, will no longer be in the market as of January 2017. Avanex will be incorporated by Helsana and Sansan will be incorporated by Progrès.
Other insurance companies, such as Wincare with roughly 160,000 insured and KMU (6000 insured), will be taken over by Sanitas and ÖKK. You can find more information on the subject in our press release (not available in English).

To avoid putting undue stress on your budget with a – potentially considerable – premium increase, we advise you to compare health insurance, check your future premium and, if necessary, switch to a cheaper provider, opt for a Telmed model, family doctor model or HMO model, or raise your deductible – because the benefits of basic insurance are the same everywhere.

Compare premiums and save money

Health insurance premiums constitute a considerable part of the household budget. It is therefore well worth comparing them for 2017 as well. Those who are affected by a considerable premium increase can respond by changing their insurance provider or choosing a cheaper insurance model. The benefits of basic insurance are identical across all health insurance companies. helps you find the right provider and save money.

Video – Health insurance comparison (in German)


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