Advantages of application before birth

Applying for insurance before the child's birth has several advantages. Take out health insurance for your unborn child in good time. Once you have dealt with all administrative matters, you will have more time to enjoy your baby after the birth. And you are on the safe side in case your child is born with a medical condition. Applying for insurance before the birth is particularly important with regard to supplemental insurance. As the providers are not obliged to accept applicants for supplemental insurance, they may reject your child without giving any reasons. However, if you have applied for health insurance for your baby before its birth, the provider must grant the coverage agreed upon, no matter the circumstances.

Apply before birth in four simple steps
  • Compare your health insurance and request quotes.
  • Choose the right health insurance for your baby.
  • Fill in the quote form and send the relevant documents to the provider.
  • After the birth, inform the health insurance company about the exact date of birth and the child's name. Depending on the provider, you can do this by phone or in writing.
  • The insurance coverage takes effect and you will be sent the insurance card.