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Cars & motorcycles

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Switzerland's car search engine

All ads from Switzerland's seven largest car markets at a glance.

Find cars to buy

Advertise car

Advertise your vehicle online and find a buyer easily.

Switzerland's motorcycle search engine

All ads from Switzerland's five largest motorcycle markets at a glance.

Advertise motorcycle

Advertise your motorbike online and find a buyer easily.

Vehicle valuation

Carry out a free vehicle valuation and find out the current market value of your car.

Car leasing

Are you looking for suitable car financing options? Calculate monthly leasing rates here.

Cars and motorcycles – all your needs covered

Are you looking for a new or used car or do want to sell your old one? Do you need a loan or a lease or a vehicle valuation? Comparis brings together car and motorcycle ads from the major online marketplaces in Switzerland and, thanks to the Comparis rating, helps you identify the best deals at a glance. Interested in a loan? Compare the various options with ease on the Comparis website.

Tips and information

Example of purchase contract
Everything a contract needs to contain - available for free download. More...
Checklist for the car purchase
Free download of everything you need to know when buying a second-hand car. More...
Common leasing questions
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about leasing. More...

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