Legal provisions

BeneCasa Terms of Use

The BeneCasa services are provided to you by advanti AG, Scheideggstrasse 73, 8038 Zurich. The following provisions govern further details relating to these services.

1. Services

BeneCasa’s services are exclusively aimed at private individuals aged 18 or over who are resident in Switzerland. The services are as follows:

  • Operation of a property valuation tool: BeneCasa operates an online tool that private individuals can use to obtain a rough estimate of their property’s value in accordance with the BeneCasa system. The tool may not be used for commercial purposes without a separate written agreement with BeneCasa. The results of the valuation may only be used for private, not commercial, purposes; their publication is not permitted. A valuation obtained through this tool does not represent a recommendation or a request to buy or sell the property or use an associated service. BeneCasa accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the valuation and in particular cannot guarantee that the specified price corresponds to the market value, that it is achievable, or that it is not too high or too low. The valuation is for indication purposes only. Use of the tool does not replace an expert property appraisal and is at the user's own risk.

  • Connecting you with an estate agent: If you would like us to help you find an estate agent (e.g. via the estate agent contact form at AG) or if you are using our property valuation tool, we will contact you by telephone or electronically via the channels you specified, discuss your requirements with you, propose an estate agent we deem suitable, and arrange an appointment to suit you both. We will forward your data (contact details, property details, your requirements and other information arising from our conversation) to the estate agent. If you decide to appoint this estate agent to handle your property sale, you must discuss and agree on any other aspects, such as terms and conditions, with the estate agent yourself. The contract is then drawn up between you and the estate agent directly. BeneCasa is not a party to the contract and is therefore responsible neither for the estate agent nor the conduct of the estate agent. However, BeneCasa guarantees that it has checked, with due diligence and based on the information declared by each estate agent, whether the estate agents fulfil BeneCasa's quality criteria, both at the time at which they are included in BeneCasa's list and approximately once per year thereafter. BeneCasa publishes its quality criteria on its website and can change them at any time. For existing estate agents, any changes apply as of the next estate agent inspection. BeneCasa is not responsible for the reliability, ability or quality of the estate agents, or the accuracy of the information they provide. If you have any doubts in this regard, please notify BeneCasa immediately.

2. Compensation

You do not pay BeneCasa anything for using the services listed above. BeneCasa's services are financed by commission that is paid by the estate agents belonging to BeneCasa's network. The commission amount is agreed between you and your estate agent individually, once you decide to appoint this agent to help sell your property. The percentage owed by the estate agent to BeneCasa will not exceed 25%. BeneCasa does not act on your behalf. You agree to the above arrangement pertaining to the way BeneCasa is remunerated and accept that BeneCasa keeps the commission it receives from the estate agents and is not obliged to pay it to you, even if it were assumed that BeneCasa was acting on your behalf.

3. Relationship with AG

advanti AG is an affiliated company of AG and uses the website(s) of AG to advertise its services. However, the services themselves are exclusively provided by BeneCasa (i.e. advanti AG).

4. Data protection

With regard to data protection, the data privacy statement of BeneCasa (in French and German only) applies; the data privacy statement does not, however, form part of the agreement between you and BeneCasa, and can be changed by BeneCasa at any time. The relevant estate agent is exclusively responsible for processing the data received from us about you; if you are interested in finding out more, you should contact your agent or consult their data privacy statement.

5. Intellectual property rights

All rights to the website, services and content of BeneCasa are exclusively owned by BeneCasa and its licensors. No rights will be transferred or granted to you as a result of you using the website, services or content of BeneCasa. BeneCasa is a registered trademark of advanti AG.

6. Third-party products and services, including links thereto

If you are referred to any online or offline third-party products or services (including those of estate agents), either on the website or in consultation with BeneCasa, you use them entirely at your own risk. BeneCasa assumes no liability nor any other responsibility for these products and services and does not vet them either.

7. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

Unless mandatory legal provisions indicate otherwise, Zurich is agreed as the sole place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from or in connection with the use of services or other products provided by BeneCasa. Only Swiss law applies.

Zurich, 31/07/2019