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Home valuation made easy

Find out free of charge how much your home is worth and get an idea of what a fair market price would be.

    Why you should have your property valued and what you should bear in mind

    Find out the value of your home with Comparis

    Quick and easy

    It takes just three minutes to get an estimated value.

    Free of charge

    A Comparis valuation costs nothing and there's no obligation.


    Each year, over 20,000 people obtain a property valuation at

    Quick and easy

    It takes just three minutes to get an estimated value.

    Free of charge

    A Comparis valuation costs nothing and there's no obligation.


    Each year, over 20,000 people obtain a property valuation at

    Comparis valuation: from initial estimate to actual market value

    Use the online valuation tool to obtain an initial estimate of the market value of your home. An estate agent can refine this estimate to establish a realistic price. Factors such as location and size – along with any unique features – are important for determining the value of a property. Many factors are difficult for non-experts to gauge accurately. Obtaining a realistic valuation ensures that you do not sell your property for less than it is worth.

    Would you like an initial estimate of your home's value? Use the Comparis property valuation tool to calculate the value of your home free of charge online. This valuation is based on the property’s location, living space, year of construction and selected features.

    Once you have completed the form, you will immediately receive an e-mail from us. Please click on the link in the e-mail to view your home's estimated value.

    When completing the valuation form, you can indicate that you are interested in selling your property. Comparis will then be in touch to offer you an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation with a qualified estate agent in your area. The recommended estate agent will then visit your home to complete a professional market appraisal.

    FAQs on the subject of property valuation

    Many people have an emotional attachment to their home, which is hard to quantify. However, these feelings can hinder an objective valuation. But such a valuation is crucial as it provides the starting point for further considerations and negotiations. Even though you might be able to determine the precise costs associated with your property and any renovation work yourself, it makes sense to involve an estate agent to ensure you obtain an accurate and impartial expert appraisal. The use of objective criteria results in a price that is a fair reflection of the market value. Only a realistic price provides a solid basis for negotiating with buyers.

    It makes sense to get a property valuation in the following cases:

    • You plan to sell your home
    • You have just modernized your home
    • You have inherited a property

    Find out here what criteria are used to determine the value of your home.

    The valuation is based on current property market prices, the property's location and its specific features. This valuation produces a guide price based on the information you provided. If you provide your contact details, we can send you the valuation by e-mail. We will contact you if you state that you are interested in selling.

    A Comparis online valuation is completely free of charge. You can also arrange for an in-person appraisal by a Comparis-recommended property expert – this won’t cost you anything either. Comparis finances this service by receiving a share of the estate agent’s commission once the property is sold. You are not required to pay any additional costs. In addition, we work closely with the estate agents to ensure that quality is the most important factor in our partnerships.

    An online estimate is not enough to provide a proper assessment of a property's value: an in-person appraisal is needed. Estate agents are familiar with supply and demand on the housing market, as well as price trends. By evaluating a range of factors such as location, current condition, fixtures, fittings and amenities, they can establish a fair market price for the property. An in-person visit is especially important for multi-family houses and building land. The agent can then include important details such as position, possible uses, zoning/land-use plans and building regulations in the valuation.

    Supporting you in the sale of your property

    Key topics relating to property valuation and selling and how to navigate the process.

    Obtain professional advice

    Would you like to get a full appraisal and sell your home for a fair market price? Find a Comparis-approved property expert who will support and guide you every step of the way – until your home is sold.

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    Find out the value of your home free of charge

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