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About HypoPlus

Who is HypoPlus?

HypoPlus is an independent mortgage broker and partner service of comparis.ch. 
HypoPlus helps our customers find the cheapest mortgage deal for private residential and multi-family homes from over 50 lenders. Thanks to tailored advice from mortgage specialists, customers can be sure that they will get the right mortgage for their needs.

Who will advise me?

The experts at HypoPlus have extensive knowledge of mortgages and many years' practical experience in the mortgage sector. 
Their advice is independent with regard to both the type of mortgage and the lender. HypoPlus aims to offer customers the cheapest possible deal.

How can HypoPlus help me?

HypoPlus compares the offers of over 50 banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment funds, negotiates the cheapest rates and secures the best mortgage deal for you. HypoPlus can access volume dscounts, special conditions and exclusive rates that are not available directly to customers. On successful conclusion of a mortgage, HypoPlus customers can expect to enjoy potential savings of 9,000-25,000 francs on their mortgage.

Customers are also spared the weary and time-consuming process of shopping around multiple vendors, comparing offers and negotiating deals.

How does the mortgage process via HypoPlus work?

First, you enter the most important information about your borrowing requirements online on comparis.ch.
The mortgage specialists from HypoPlus will then contact you within 1-2 working days, provide tailored advice and identify the cheapest rates. If a mortgage is taken out, this will be done directly with the lender (bank, insurance company or pension fund).



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HypoPlus, a partner service of comparis.ch, compares all lenders and finds the best deal for you.

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