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Helvetia Versicherungen

Below we have compiled some useful information about Helvetia Versicherungen. We have included the latest mortgage rates and customer ratings, plus feedback from Comparis Community users regarding their experience with Helvetia Versicherungen.

Mortgage rates of Helvetia Versicherungen (as at 18/09/2019)

Products of Helvetia Versicherungen Mortgage rate for 1st mortgage (% per year)
Fixed mortgage 2 years 1.250%
Fixed mortgage 3 years 1.250%
Fixed mortgage 4 years 1.250%
Fixed mortgage 5 years 1.250%
Fixed mortgage 6 years 1.300%
Fixed mortgage 7 years 1.300%
Fixed mortgage 8 years 1.300%
Fixed mortgage 9 years 1.300%
Fixed mortgage 10 years 1.350%

Mortgage rate trends for Helvetia Versicherungen fixed-rate mortgages

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