Contents & personal liability

Suggested sum insured

The sum insured as calculated by is merely a suggestion. It is important to determine the precise insurance sum for your household contents to avoid the risk of underinsurance. Be sure to take the replacement value (original value) of your home contents to calculate the insurance sum. If you have special pieces of furniture or equipment, the insurance sum proposed here may be very different from the real sum. For this reason, the value of these items should be determined separately and factored into the insurance sum.

The sum insured under home contents insurance covers the so-called basic household contents. The basic household contents include fitments (furniture, curtains, etc.), household machines, crockery, bedding, clothes and shoes, comestible goods as well as personal objects that are brought by guests (i.e. guests' belongings).

The sum insured suggested for the basic household contents is based on the number of rooms, the standard of furnishings and the number of persons living in the household. In case of special furnishings, it is recommended to adjust the sum insured accordingly.