Contents & personal liability

Personal liability insurance

Taking out personal liability insurance is generally recommendable for everybody since it covers a large amount of money in the event of a claim while the premium is relatively cheap. It covers the insured persons in case they inflict damage to other persons or third-party property. It also rejects unjustified claims on behalf of the policyholder (functioning as legal protection), for example if the damage occurs due to force majeure.

Most insurance companies offer policies for individuals and families. The individual policy only covers the person mentioned in the contract. The family insurance can include two or more persons who share a household.

Personal liability insurance additionally covers the policyholder in his capacity as pet owner (e.g. dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) provided that the pets are not used for business purposes. There is no special liability insurance for dogs in this sense. The insurance covers damage caused by the owner's pet or animals in the temporary care of the insured. Commercially used pets, farm animals, hounds and exotic pets are usually not covered. It may be advisable to also take out accident and health insurance for pets – especially for cats and dogs.

The deductible under personal liability insurance is usually 200 francs, but with some insurance companies it may be reduced, excluded or increased on request. There is often a separate regulation applying to deductibles for tenancy claims and claims under the supplemental coverage for driving third-party vehicles.

Since the bicycle sticker was abolished in 2012, liability claims arising from damage inflicted by cyclists to third parties have been covered under personal liability insurance. This coverage usually also applies to electronic bikes provided that these do not exceed the speed limit of 25 km/h.