Contents & personal liability

Basic characteristics of contents insurance products

Basic principle

Contents insurance covers damage to the policyholder's personal property in his/her household. Basic insurance provides protection against damage caused by fire, natural hazards, water and theft at home. Additional insurance can be bought for glass breakage and simple theft away from home (outside the policyholder's dwelling).

Cover includes damage due to fire (also called conflagration), smoke, lightning, explosions, implosions, meteorites as well as damage caused by a crash or forced landing of aircraft or spacecraft or falling parts thereof.

Natural hazards
Cover includes damage due to flooding, inundation, storms, hailstorms, avalanches, snow pressure, rockfall, rockslides, and landslides. The deductible for these types of damage is usually 500 francs per incident.

Cover includes damage caused by water, snow, rainwater, meltwater, groundwater and similar liquids. These liquids may originate from pipes, machines, installations, fishtanks, waterbeds, ornamental fountains, outdoor drains, gutters or backwater from the drainage system and cause damage.

The insurance cover does not include damage caused by water entering through open skylights or windows, emergency roofs or work-related openings in the roof.

Cover includes damage due to burglary, robbery, simple theft at home and attempted theft. Insurance against simple theft away from home can be taken out as an endorsement.

Glass breakage
Generally, additional insurance against breakage can be bought on request for building and furniture glass.

  • Tenants should only buy insurance for their own property. As a tenant, you therefore do not need to take out building glass insurance. This also applies to possible endorsements for sinks, wash basins, toilet bowls, bidets, ceramic hobs and kitchen worktops made of natural or artificial stone.
  • House owners, on the other hand, own the building glass and should include this coverage as well. More details can be found on the website, in the General Conditions of Insurance or in the customer information of the individual insurance companies.

Insurance does not cover hand mirrors, optical glasses, glass dishes, glass figurines, hollow glassware (except fish tanks and glass blocks), screens and displays of any kind, light fittings, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and neon lamps.

Limitations of benefits
The limitations of benefits of the basic insurance often vary depending on the insurer. Check the General Conditions of Insurance, the customer information and your policy.