Contents & personal liability

Glass breakage insurance

Glass breakage insurance is part of home contents insurance or can be taken out as an endorsement to building insurance. It covers breakage of furniture glass and/or building glass. The term 'building glass' does not only refer to window panes, but also includes, for instance, sinks, ceramic hobs or toilet bowls.
Most insurance companies offer separate glass breakage insurance for building and furniture glass. Many of them insure glass breakage on a "first-loss" basis with a selectable insurance sum or include glass insurance in the total sum insured.

Tip: Only buy insurance for your own property

  • If you own glass tables, cabinets or fish tanks, for example, furniture glass insurance makes sense.
  • Tenants do not need to take out building glass insurance. This also applies to possible endorsements for sinks, wash basins, toilet bowls, bidets, ceramic hobs and kitchen worktops made of natural or artificial stone.
  • House owners, on the other hand, own the building glass and should include this coverage as well.

Uninsurable items
No insurance can be bought for hand mirrors, optical glasses, glass dishes, glass figurines, hollow glassware (except fish tanks and glass blocks), screens or displays of any kind, light fittings, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and neon lamps.