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Saving thanks to direct car import into Switzerland


Abroad, cars are often cheaper than in Switzerland. In Switzerland, the manufacturers take advantage of the purchasing power of the customers - and additionally, the exchange rate and the taxes have an influence on the purchasing price of vehicles. With the currently low Euro rate, it is worthwhile – especially with expensive vehicles – to take a look at the option of importing from abroad. The savings are between 10 and 25 percent.

Instead of buying the favoured car from a garage, one can directly purchase it abroad (direct import).

Vehicles can either be imported from Europe or from the US. In the US, a price comparison is difficult, as refitting and manufacturer restrictions accrue.

Within Europe, however, import is much easier. The European Commission even supports a price comparison.

The factory warranty is 24 months in the whole of Europe. However, in the case of a directly imported car, usually one has to waive assistance services and a service package customised for Switzerland.

In the case of self-organised import into Switzerland, the car has to be registered unrequestedly for customs clearance and all important documents have to be presented. Then, the Swiss customs creates an audit report. Only one directly imported car may be imported per person and year.

According to the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), a direct import is only worthwhile for a price difference of at least CHF 3,000.