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Most retailers, online shops, property managers, telephone providers, banks and leasing companies use credit rating information to assess their customers’ ability to pay.

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Further services and your right of information

In addition to CRIF AG, three other large credit agencies offer their services in Switzerland. According to the Data Protection Act, every person – irrespective of their age, place of residence and nationality – has the right to obtain information saved about them from the owner of a collection of data.

Here, the provision of this personal information is referred to as a “self-assessment”. Comparis helps you to obtain this information. 

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Your credit standing can have an effect on the following:

Personal loans

Your credit standing plays a role in determining the rate of interest you are offered on a personal loan.

Credit card limits

The better your credit standing, the higher the credit card limit offered by credit card companies. 


Just like with personal loans, a good credit standing is required if you want to lease a car.

News and information

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