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Attention motorists: all you need to know for 2015!


Some alterations in the Swiss traffic law are planned for 2015. In the context of the road safety programme "Via Sicura", first the recourse of motor liability insurance will come into effect on 1 January. Further measures are planned: the black box for speed merchants and the immobiliser for drunk-drivers.


Insurers must force offenders to pay

Liability insurers must take recourse against speeders and motorists that are drunk or otherwise unable to drive if they cause an accident. The same applies in case of drug or substance abuse. Any contractual waivers of recourse are invalid. Car insurance providers will send their customers information about this.

The amount of regress of motor vehicle liability insurance depends on:

  • fault
  • economic situation

Further measures are to come into force starting 2015, but the exact date is not yet known:

    Seniors: no further than the village shop

    The tests for aptitude to drive are to be standardised and the medical minimum requirements to be updated. Some cantons are already setting an example. For instance, the differentiated driving permit for seniors is only in effect in certain cantons. This means that seniors who no longer completely fulfil the medical minimum requirements are permitted to continue to drive under certain conditions. Such conditions may include the prohibition of night-time driving or the restriction of the driving permit to certain routes.

    Alcohol blood tests only as an exception

    In future, breath tests are to be accepted in legal procedures for alcohol blood concentrations of 0.8 mg/ml and more. Blood tests will only be used in exceptional cases, for instance, when the tested individual explicitly requests this or when there is a suspicion of substance abuse.

    Stricter rules for mandatory further training

    The obligation to attend further training courses is also about to become more strict. Motorists must attend in the following cases:

    • Suspension of driving licence due to driving while intoxicated if the alcohol blood concentration is at least 0.8 mg/ml. This also applies to first-time offenders.
    • Motorists whose licence has been repeatedly suspended for at least six months. This does not apply to first-time offenders.

    Compulsory black box for speed merchants

    Other measures planned for 2015: for speeders whose driving licence is suspended for at least twelve months, getting back their driving licence is subject to conditions. For five years, they may only drive cars or motorcycles that are equipped with a data recording device.

    Immobiliser for drunk-drivers

    Drunk-drivers also have to expect stricter rules in the near future: motorists whose licence has been suspended indefinitely due to driving under the influence of alcohol are only allowed to drive cars with a breath alcohol ignition interlock device for five years after that. First, however, the traffic offenders must undergo therapy. Only if their outlook is favourable are they allowed to sit behind a steering wheel again.


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