Car insurance

Import and registration of vehicles from abroad

If you have owned your vehicle for more than 6 months before moving to Switzerland, you can import it to Switzerland as personal property. For that, you need the same certificate as for your personal objects. 

If you have owned your vehicle for less than 6 months, it is considered a new vehicle and you cannot declare it as personal property. Basically, you have to pay duty on such a vehicle (customs duty, motor vehicle tax and value added tax). However, with a corresponding authorisation from the Federal Customs Administration, you may use it in Switzerland for up to two years without declaring it. Afterwards, you will have to either pay duty on the vehicle or export it again. 

The rule is that, from the time you enter Switzerland, you have 12 months to register the vehicle with the Road Traffic Licensing Department of your canton of residence. This means that foreign number plates have to be exchanged for Swiss number plates within a year. For this, you need the following documents:

  • Proof of insurance (see below) 
  • Foreign car documents 
  • Inspection report by the customs office 
  • A customs office declaration for removal goods, equipment and personal property acquired by inheritance (with a stamp from vehicle clearance) 


Compare the premiums for car insurance in our comparison. Then choose the offer that suits you best and request a quote. Now you can contact the insurance company in question and order a proof of insurance. Your insurance company will electronically submit it to the Road Traffic Licensing Department.