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Self-employed and self-responsible


With freedom comes responsibility – in this case the responsibility for securing your financial future. Do not lose sight of retirement planning once you become self-employed, because unlike those who are employed, you must arrange a 2nd pillar pension yourself. While employers are required to pay into a pension fund for their employees, there is no such requirement for self-employed individuals.

If you are setting up your own business, you should therefore budget for pension contributions straightaway, even if they are only small at the beginning. Keep in mind that your only compulsory pension is the OASI. Amounting to a maximum of 28,680 francs per year, this state pension is designed to safeguard a basic level of subsistence only. Your business model must therefore allow you to pay into a private pension. If you used the savings accumulated in your pillar 3a account to set up your business, it is all the more important to replenish your accounts.

Given that success is not always guaranteed, you should also make provision for the fact that you may need to close your business. If, for example, you are unable to continue your business due to illness or accident within the first 12 months of activity, you are not yet entitled to disability benefits. You can – and should – take out optional daily benefits insurance.

The subject of pensions is complex. There is often not enough time to research everything in detail. If you wish, you can seek advice from our partner service Optimatis. Our experts have the information that you may spend a long time searching for. Benefit from their expertise by arranging a no-obligation consultation.

The independent partner service Optimatis and its qualified staff will work with you to establish a clear overview and produce a snapshot of your current situation. Optimatis can offer you the solution that best fits your needs from the wide range available on the market – a good reason to seek advice from an independent expert.

You just need to request an appointment and a specialist advisor will be in touch with you. During the meeting, you can decide how and whether you wish to proceed with the solutions proposed.

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