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Find information here on moving to and working and living in Switzerland.

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Switzerland is a popular destination for immigrants from all around the world: there are many employment opportunities, working conditions are often better than elsewhere and, thanks to low taxes, a lot of money is left over at the end of the month to support a nice lifestyle. In addition to a high living standard, the country offers scenic and diverse landscapes, well-developed infrastructure and public transportation as well as a citizen-oriented political system. It is therefore not surprising that nearly 120,000 people chose to move to Switzerland last year.

Thanks to bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU, moving to Switzerland has been very straightforward. Our tip: first find employment and then look for a flat. Specializing in the needs and interests of immigrants, is the largest comparison service in Switzerland and is happy to help you with your move to Switzerland by offering many useful tips and information. The New Arrival Assistant automatically reminds you of all important dates and deadlines to help you be successful in your new start. Have you already arrived in Switzerland? The New Arrival Assistant from can then help you find low health insurance premiums or a new car.

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