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How much does a flat cost in Switzerland?

If you move to Switzerland, you want to know how much a flat rent costs. Generally speaking, living space in Switzerland is expensive, but there are regional differences. Flats in the big centres around the lake Zurich or around the lake Geneva are the most expensive. An average one-room apartment costs, depending on the region, between CHF 500 and CHF 1000 (approx. Euro 330 to 650) per month, including additional costs. A three-room apartment is available between CHF 900 and CHF 1800 (approx. Euro 590 to 1180) monthly, whereas the rent for a five-room apartment ranges between CHF 1500 and CHF 2500 (approx. Euro 980 to 1630) .As a rule, you shouldn't spend more for your rent than one third of your gross income. Don't forget that in most of the cases a deposit of up to three gross rents becomes due after signing the contract.

For the relatively high rents, there is much in return. The construction standard is very high and in general, one doesn't have to purchase domestic appliances such as a fridge, a cooking stove or a washing machine. Also, electricity is not as expensive as in Germany or many other European countries. Heating and additional costs are charged once a year.

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