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Unemployed in Switzerland, what now?

The global crisis is also being clearly felt in Switzerland. Experts anticipate a decline in economic performance this year of more than 2 percent, and there is no foreseeable end for the recession. The number of unemployed in Switzerland has risen by 22 percent within a year, and immigrants, in particular, are affected more and more by unemployment.

For immigrants to receive compensation in the event of unemployment, a few requirements must be met. Over the last 2 years at least 12 months must have been worked as an employee. Citizenship does not play a part in terms of being able to claim unemployment compensation. Immigrants must only be in possession of a valid residence permit or a permit to stay. A special agreement applies for first-time entries from Germany. The contribution periods spent in Germany will be fully credited in Switzerland.

The basis for unemployment compensation is the insured earnings, which, depending on the personal circumstances, are 70 or 80% of the insured earnings. The length of the claim depends on various factors. If the claim requirements mentioned above are met, then one has a claim for 400 daily allowances.

In the event of unemployment, the affected parties register as quickly as possible with their municipality of residence or with the regional employment agency (RAV). You must have the following documents on hand for the registration to proceed without any problems: AHV (social security) card, official identification card, residency credentials as well as the residency permit or foreigner's identification.