Registering in Switzerland

How to register with your new municipal authority

Have you come with the intention to stay? If so, you need to inform your local municipal authority. You must therefore register yourself and your entire family with the responsible residents' registration office shortly after moving to Switzerland.


These documents are required for the registration process

After coming to Switzerland, as an EU citizen you are required to register with your local municipal authority within 14 days of your arrival and prior to your first day at work and, should you not yet have one, you must also apply for a residence permit.

You are required to take the following to the residents' registration office:

  • A valid official identification document for each family member moving to Switzerland.
  • Proof that you are covered by basic health insurance.
  • passport photo of each family member moving to Switzerland.
  • Documents regarding your family status (family register, marriage certificate, etc.).
  • Your contract of employment or registration certificate in the case of university students.
  • A copy of a current Swiss rental agreement.
  • Find out from your responsible residents' registration office whether your municipal authority requires additional documents for the registration process as well as how high the registration fees are. These vary from canton to canton and according to the type of residence permit.

Good to know:

As the deadline for registering with a health insurance provider is three months, it may be that you do not yet have health insurance at the time of registration. This is not a problem and you can submit the required proof of health insurance coverage at a later time within this three month period.


Where do I need to register?

Most municipal authorities require you to register in person. The responsible body here is the residents' registration office. Find out the relevant address and opening times from your local municipal authority.

Good to know:

The City of Zurich is a special case in this regard: It is divided into so-called districts ("Kreise" in German) which each have their own registration office. Your postcode provides information on which district you reside in and which residents' registration office you need to contact.

Should you move within Switzerland, it is not enough to simply register with your new municipal authority. You are also always required to de-register at your old place of residence, with this usually having to be done in person.


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