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Comparison of Swiss Cantons

Compare property prices, health insurance premiums and taxes in the different Swiss cantons and municipalities. Find the optimal combination of tax savings, rental prices and health insurance premiums with the help of the comparisons and services offered by Comparis.

Tax comparison by canton

Do you want to know if you are living in a tax-privileged muncipality? Could you save on taxes in another muncipality in the same canton? Due to the federalist tax system in Switzerland, the taxation of income and assets varies not only by canton but also by individual muncipality. With the Tax Comparison from, you can find out how much you could save on taxes in another muncipality within the same canton.

Comparison of taxes in Switzerland
The Tax Comparison shows not only how much tax you pay in your muncipality of residence, but also a comparison of the tax burden in your muncipality with that of other muncipalities in the same canton as follows:

  • Comparison with the least and most expensive muncipalities in the same canton
  • Comparison with all muncipalities in the same canton
  • Comparison with individually selected muncipalities in the same canton


Simply enter the relevant data for the calculation of taxes, such as income, assets, place of residence, number of children, denomination and marital status. Based on the information you provide, the displayed results include not only your total annual tax burden but also how it is broken down (community tax, cantonal tax, federal tax, church tax).

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