Searching for jobs in Switzerland

Online employment websites offer the largest selection of job vacancies in Switzerland.


General sites

  • is a Swiss job platform for specialists and executives.
  • is a job search website for Switzerland (in German only). It enables you to search an ever-increasing selection of job offers and saves you the trouble of visiting each page separately.
  • provides useful job search tools, a job search guide, career checklists and many expert tips (in German and French only).
  • JobMarket is another Swiss employment website offering executive and specialist positions.
  • Jobrapido lists over 200,000 jobs from online job markets, recruitment agency platforms and corporate websites (in German only).
  • offers a comprehensive selection of job vacancies, with over 1,500 permanent advertisers and more than 30,000 visitors each day.
  • is the leading jobs website for Western Switzerland.
  • is one of the most visited job search platforms in Switzerland.
  • is an online recruitment platform that lists job vacancies, provides job-seeking advice and publishes articles on vocational training.
  • offers a comprehensive selection of job vacancies in all industries and regions of Switzerland. Job hunters can subscribe to a free and convenient job search service to receive the latest job offers by e-mail each day.
  • / are local recruitment portals for Eastern and Central Switzerland (in German only).
  • is the largest recruitment website in Switzerland, featuring over 40,000 job vacancies (in German only).

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Specialist platforms

  • features the largest selection of vacancies in science, research and development (in German only).
  • is an independent online platform created by and for architects (in German only).
  • offers a jobs throughout Switzerland, mostly for senior physicians (in German and French only).
  • Designerdock is a recruitment agency that specializes in advising and helping specialists and executives find jobs in the communications sector.
  • EURES offers job vacancies and training courses throughout Europe.
  • Experteer is a career service for highly qualified professionals in Switzerland and Europe supported by over 4,200 top recruitment consultants. It features 12,000 job vacancies with salaries starting at CHF 120,000 (for Switzerland in German and French only).
  • Gulp is an online recruitment site for IT freelancers offering information and services relating to IT projects (in German only).
  • lists jobs in the area of information and communication technology.
  • is a job platform for employees and employers of the watch industry, luxury and microtechnology.
  • Lawjobs is Switzerland's leading recruitment website for legal professionals. It is designed for law firms, universities, law courts, cantons and federal offices (in German and French only).
  • offers jobs in the fields of mathematics and statistics.
  • is an online job search website aimed at specialists and executives in the Swiss media and communications industry (in German only).
  • myScience the job board for scientists, researchers and engineers in Switzerland.
  • PowerSearch specializes in the recruitment of specialists and executives (in German only).
  • specializes in jobs for recent graduates and further education (in German only).
  • QM Personal is a job search website dedicated to positions in quality management (in German only).
  • is a specialized job market for social work and health care jobs (in German only).
  • is a specialized job market for Swiss hospitals (in German only).
  • SwissDev Jobs is a swiss IT job board for software developers of all experience levels.


General working conditions in Switzerland


It is difficult to make a blanket statement on salaries in Switzerland. It is important to note that your salary is usually negotiable (within a defined range). Even though Swiss employers are required by law to pay the same salaries to women and men for comparable work, the average salaries of women are still lower than those of men at all levels.

Working hours

Your working hours depend on your employer, your job and your industry. Working hours are usually defined in the employment contract. Swiss law limits working hours to a weekly maximum of 45 hours for industrial workers, office workers, technical staff, and other employees such as sales and marketing professionals and sales assistants. For all other employees, the maximum working hours are 50 hours per week. In 2008, the average time worked in Swiss companies was 41.6 hours per week (Source: Federal Statistical Office). Irrespective of your job and industry sector, you should therefore expect to work longer hours in Switzerland than in your home country.

Holiday entitlement

According to Swiss law, all employees and apprentices are entitled to a minimum amount of holiday, which is:

  • four weeks for employees over 20 years of age
  • five weeks for employees up to 20 years of age