Pocket money – calculate recommended amount

The matter of how much pocket money to give can be a cause of uncertainty and debate in many families. Our pocket money calculator is designed to help. It provides a recommendation, based chiefly on the experience of Budgetberatung Schweiz, an organization offering budgeting advice for people in Switzerland. It recommends that children aged from six to nine years should receive their pocket money weekly, while older children should receive theirs monthly.

As a rule, pocket money should be given to children to spend as they wish. Depending on the maturity of the child, extra pocket money can be introduced gradually. This could be a fixed allowance for items like mobile phones or clothes, for example.

First and foremost, the pocket money calculator is designed to provide general guidance for families. The calculator does not, for example, take account of a family's financial circumstances – also an important factor in determining the amount of pocket money to give.


Source: Budgetberatung Schweiz, own research