Members of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides support and advice both with regard to technical medical issues and the further development of the hospital comparison and medical directory. We always strive to provide our users with simple and clear explanations of medical terms. To make sure that our medical contents are correct despite the simplification, we consult the Advisory Board.

Peter Berchtold

Peter Berchtold is a specialist in internal medicine with many years of managerial experience as an internist at all levels of operation. He is a co-founder and co-director of College-M, the college of healthcare management in Bern, which operates in the fields of further training (management and leadership training for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals) as well as research and development (multi-professionalism in healthcare institutions, coordination and integration of healthcare). Peter Berchtold is the president of the Forum Managed Care, the Swiss forum for integrated care. In his work, Peter Berchtold focusses on handling the complexity in healthcare institutions and in the healthcare system, which essentially results from the concurrence of medical, human, economic, organisational and other requirements.

Bettina Borisch

Bettina Borisch studied Medicine and Modern History at the universities of Lausanne and Kiel. After her further clinical training and specialisation (FMH), she habilitated in Pathology and was appointed professor at the University of Geneva. Completing an MPH programme in Geneva, she acquired a Master's degree in Public Health. Professor Borisch currently works at the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva. Her research is concerned with health communication, early diagnosis and international health policy. She is the executive director of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), the umbrella organisation of all Public Health Associations, and runs its headquarters in Geneva. She represents Switzerland in various international bodies. Her scientific work encompasses over 100 publications and book articles.

Henrik Pfahler

Henrik Pfahler studied Human Medicine at Kiel University, received a PhD from the University of Basel, and later obtained an Executive MBA in General Management at the University of St. Gallen. After a period working as an assistant physician in internal medicine at hospitals in the district of Lörrach, Henrik Pfahler focused his activities on the areas of medical controlling and coding. He held various management positions at the Aarau Cantonal Hospital and the Inselspital in Bern (Insel Gruppe AG), and has been head of the Staff of the Directorate at the University Hospital of Basel since 1 October 2018. In the past, Henrik Pfahler has held various advisory mandates for a multitude of stake holder groups in the healthcare sector (pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, hospital associations, etc.) and was also the managing director of departure Suisse GmbH.


Thomas Rosemann

Thomas Rosemann studied dentistry and human medicine in Munich and received a PhD in medicine in 1999. After working as an assistant physician in surgery and internal medicine, he switched to the Heidelberg University Hospital (D) in 2003. Later on he did a PhD in Health Sciences in Nijmegen (NL) and ran research projects in the US. In 2007, he qualified as professor at the University of Heidelberg and was appointed senior physician of the General Medicine and Healthcare Research Department. Since 2008, he has been the director of the Institute of Primary Care at the Zurich University Hospital and professor of Primary Care at the University of Zurich. His research focusses on the care of the chronically ill and the improvement of the quality of medical treatment.

Werner Widmer

Werner Widmer has vast experience in the health care sector and was the director of four public hospitals: Solothurn Bürgerspital, Zurich University Hospital, Spital Zollikerberg (ad interim), Bruderholz Hospital (ad interim). For a longer period of time, he was member of the board of directors at the Adelheid rehabilitation clinic (Unterägeri), the foundation board of the See-Spital (Horgen), the foundation board of the Swiss Patient Organisation and the managing board of Curaviva Switzerland. Since 2001 he has been the director of the Diakoniewerk Münster foundation. Besides that, he is the chairman of the board of the Baselland Cantonal Hospital and member of the board of the SV Group. He lectures at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). As a speaker, writer and advisor, Werner Widmer is one of the innovative lateral thinkers of the Swiss public health sector.